Arava Export Growers Ltd.

Arava Export Growers exports fresh Israeli produce worldwide.
The Company offers a wide range of premium quality fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs grown by highly experienced farmers throughout Israel.

Arava Export Growers was established in 1991 following the Ministry of Agriculture's decision to permit growers in the Arava, located in the southern region of Israel, to set their own private and independent export company. In 2000, a major holding company - Livnat family, acquired a 50% share of Arava Export Growers Ltd.

Marketing overseas takes place through subsidiaries in the USA and the Netherlands - Arava U.S.A and Arava Holland B.V respectively – as well as through a sales office in the UK.

In 2005 the Company made a strategic decision to expand their supply sources by including produce from other farming countries; while guaranteeing the same high quality standards and advanced agricultural technologies.