Arava Herbs – Newsletter week 5

Weather in Israel :  we are facing Rainy weekend with cold temp’  at night (6-8 degree) and day 13-18 degree.
In Israel usually the rains are not dramatically strong and have some hours difference from rain to rain but this weather can make difficulty of supply the outside crops like Coriander, dill , Rosemary, Sage  etc… and slower growth in items like Salicornia, Tarragon, Basil  and Mint.

Salicornia, Mint, Tarragon, Dill  and Thai Basil 
Small items supply is not stable and in low qty : Lemon thyme, Melisa , Lovage, Sorel,  Oregano, Peppermint
From January we are facing in Israel the most cold and rainy winter we had in the last 28 years !
The main issue is the cold nights that not allow the herbs to grow normally but much more slowly, for example Thai basil harvest is every 7 days and now it’s every 14-16 days.
Small Items Herbs –  been grown only by 1-2 growers because of low demand by customers usually , so the fields are small and any change of the weather or in demand influence their availability and this is the main reason for the un stable supply  in that time of the season
Dill – fields “burnt” from the cold night we had 2 days ago  so we need to wait for the new fields to come… One week at least.
We expect from today till end of the week another rainy and cold weather, so supply will be problematic for next week either, please send us your order in advance so we could do our best to arrange it