Arava Export Growers, exports fresh Israeli products worldwide. The company offers a wide range of premium quality fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs, grown by highly experienced farmers throughout Israel. Arava Export Growers has an excellent international reputation acquired over the years, for the quality of its products, pricing and reliability, as well as for its dedicated personal service.



Luscious ruby red on the inside, and a vibrant orange peel, the red grapefruit is hard to resist. Created in the 18th century from a crossbreed between the pomelo and orange, the red grapefruit is more than just an appealing citrus; it is packed full of flavor and vitamin C! 

Though it’s slightly bitter flavor may deter some, all it takes is a sprinkle of sugar on your morning grapefruit. Once you’re done enjoying the juicy flesh, make sure to keep the peels and use in many other exciting recipes. 


While white grapefruit is available all year round, its peak season is late autumn to early spring. When fully ripe, the fruit is almost perfectly round, has white translucent pulp and a blazing yellow peel. Though both red and white grapefruit are packed with vitamin C and commonly used in cocktails and other dishes, the latter is much sweeter. 

After enjoying its zingy flesh and juice, make sure to preserve the fruit’s peel; a somewhat less known use for it, is in natural home-produced cleaning products. It’s simply a fruit that keeps on giving!