Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is fundamental to the Company's daily operations.
The management's compelling responsibility and cooperation to implement quality procedures, upholds Arava Export Growers' obligation for excellence.

Arava Export Growers is commitment to:

Meet with all agricultural produce quality standards, in compliance with international and domestic regulations.
The Company's staff and growers are periodically audited, by internal as well as by external auditors.

Instruct the growers on how to minimize, rationalize, use and storage chemicals safely.

Deliver safe and hygienic produce; free from chemical, physical and microbial contamination.

Provide personnel with proper working conditions and equal opportunities.
The Company pledges to safeward the workers health, safety and welfare; and to provide the staff with training and instructional resources.

Establish an honest, reliable and cooperative relationship with the growers, whose yield is entrusted to the Company.

Preserve the environment, flora and fauna Assurance.