Science and technology have helped to gain a better understanding of the connection between food  and health, and therefore  we at Arava see and  approach Food safety as a  fundamental base to our  produce business.

Our goal and mission is to  be able to provide fresh  produce with limited  residue and free from  physical and microbial  contamination.

The company’s  management commits to  implement quality  procedures and upholds is  obligation for excellence.

we committed to consistent  and strict quality procedures:

  • Quality control  throughout the growth  and  marketing\logistic  process.
  • High quality products.
  • Highest standards of  service.
  • Minimizing the use of pesticides (the  company (uses IPM methods).
  • Ethical behavior  towards customers,  employees, growers and the community in  general.
  • Reliability and  professionalism  tailored to customer  requirements.

Arava Export Growers has  developed a digital system  for monitoring the produce,  which enables transparency, immediacy and the  availability of information  regarding the quality  produce.

All produce is controlled  and documented and can be  tracked at all stages of the production and  transportation process and
at any time.

Arava Export Growers is  certified with  international certifications.